The great figure stood over the plains looking at his great blue world. His cloak was dark, and hid most of his body. The world below was covered in water that thrashed wildly. He raised one of his hands and from the water spawned a monstrous portion of land. Life began to spawn in vast portions. He spawned more lands. Jungles. Deserts. Mountains. His hands began to glow and he clapped them together. A great hole opened in the ground below and souls began to flow inside it. This was the underworld. Souls that enter may never return to the world above. Finally, after the figure had created the world below, he flung his cloak up to the sky. It stretched far and wide over the sky and became the night sky. “I am Lord Wahl…and this is my world!” His voice shook the world he had just created.

From the north, Vikings were born. From the Far East, tribal natives. From the west came several colonies that fought several of their own bloody battles. And the south was home to the silver knights, the followers of Wahl and most trustworthy humans of the world.

Over the year, creatures evolved, humans began to walk and form societies. Every hundred years, the purest soul to enter the underworld would be reincarnated as an immortal, a gargantuan soldier encases in magic armor. They are the guardians who watch over their lord’s world.

Eventually humans began to develop free will and rebelled against Lord Wahl. They studied dark magic and opened the portal to the underworld. Soul spewed from below the earth and carnage began. Every life ended would be more souls for the underworld. Wahl’s Immortals dropped from the sky to gather the souls, but they couldn’t gather them all. Soon, humans began to join Wahl’s forces and he chose 3 of the worlds best warriors and made them his heralds for all eternity. Their powers were limitless, but their lord still held control over them. The war over the underworld ended, but the war against Wahl continued, eventually his heralds turned against him. They had grown strong and many immortals fell against their powers. Wahl exiled his heralds to the far corners of the world. His next actions were to slip the land below apart, to keep the worthy away from the unworthy.

Heralds of Wahl